Bitdefender  can be used as the center of various Bitdefender  products on other devices. With the installation, you can access the online features and services of Bitdefender. 


How to Activate Bitdefender Central subscription

Bitdefender Central activation process takes a little time. Before you activate the setup, purchase the Bitdefender product key from an offline or online store. Also, buy the 1 year or 2 years subscription. 

Bitdefender login

Bitdefender login is a must when it comes to install and activate Bitdefender Central on your computer. And so, a user must create the Bitdefender login account, which will help in accessing multiple features further. Bitdefender offers a single tool to control each device within only one subscription package. It is the cybersecurity technology leader that defends online threats if you have created a successful Bitdefender login account. 

Welcome to Bitdefender Central

Visit and use multiple activities after the Sign in to this page. Bitdefender Central works ultimately to manage multiple devices in one subscription. User needs to purchase a subscription with product activation code, and then from URL one can log in and install the setup on the device. In case if you don’t have an account, then the user can create an account from the same page. On the webpage, you can find out the answer to your issues with the Support of Bitdefender Central.

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