Bitdefender login

Bitdefender login

Bitdefender login

Bitdefender login is a must when it comes to install and activate Bitdefender Central on your computer. And so, a user must create the Bitdefender login account, which will help in accessing multiple features further. Bitdefender offers a single tool to control each device within only one subscription package. It is the cybersecurity technology leader that defends online threats if you have created a successful Bitdefender login account. 

How to create a Bitdefender login account?


Creating a Bitdefender login account is as easy as another account creation process. If you have bought the subscription and product activation key from any of store, then you would have definitely provided your email to them. Now, you will need to use the similar email for Bitdefender login account creation. Follow below process to create Bitdefender login account –

  1. Open your browser and visit the official Bitdefender central page, e.g.,
  2. Once you reach the home page, either click on the top right button “Create account” or on the bottom of the same page tab is available, click there on the “Create Account” page.
  3. It will take you to the next page where you need to fill the required details.
  4. Enter your Full Name, Valid Email Address, and Strong Password.
  5. Agree with terms of use.
  6. In the end, click on the Create Account tab.
  7. It will verify your email and then you can login with this account.

Bitdefender login | Guide To Sign-In With Bitdefender login Account

To sign-in with the Bitdefender login account, the user should have the existing Bitdefender account. here is the step by step guidelines to sign in for Bitdefender login account, follow below;

  1. On your browser, go to Bitdefender central official home page.
  2. Once you find the home page, look for the SIGN IN button.
  3. On the two places, the tab is available – on the top right and bottom.
  4. Click on any of both on the SIGN IN tab.
  5. It will redirect you to the next Bitdefender login page.
  6. Here, enters the previously created account detail such as email and password.
  7. Once completely fill the details, hit the sign-in button.
  8. You are successfully logged in.

How to troubleshoot, if I can’t access my Bitdefender login account?

There can be multiple reasons for not logging in to the Bitdefender Central. Here are enlisted issues that you may face with Bitdefender login

  • On the Bitdefender login, you come back to the same page.
  • The page is showing error and doesn’t display correctly.
  • Sometimes nothing happens on the Bitdefender login.
  • Pop-up or notification of error message.
  • Incorrect Bitdefender login details.

If you are facing such issues with Bitdefender login account sign in, then troubleshoot issues with following steps –

  1. Check your browser, whether it is updated or not. If you mistakenly left the page or close the browser window, then check that any update would not be left. Also, update the browser.
  2. On your browser, sometimes due to cookies or cache, you may face an issue with Bitdefender login and so clear cache and cookies.
  3. You can try Bitdefender login from another browser.
  4. In case if you are signing in with your computer and having trouble, then try with another device.
  5. Check whether you filled correct details or not, such as valid email or correct password.
  6. If you don’t remember the password, then click on “Forgot my password,” and follow further guidelines.

How do I reset the password of the Bitdefender login account?

If you want to reset the Bitdefender login password, then you can follow below process, either if you remember or don’t remember the password;

  • Visit the Bitdefender Central page and sign in with the Bitdefender login account.
  • On the top right corner, click on the icon and then select the Bitdefender Account.
  • On the new page, hit the “Password and security” button.
  • Click “Password” and fill the current and new password.
  • Hit the “Change Password” and sign in using this new password to the Bitdefender login page.

If you can’t log in and want to reset the password, then follow below steps –

  • Visit the Bitdefender login page and hit SIGN IN.
  • Enter email and click NEXT, then hit the FORGOT PASSWORD button.
  • Here, type email and click NEXT, check your email, and take a look at emailed instructions.
  • Now, submit the code you get on email and hit the NEXT button.
  • Click on CHANGE PASSWORD tab, then choose your password and save it.
  • Now you can sign in with the Bitdefender login account.
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