Mario-themed items coming to Animal Crossing


On 17 February, Mario’s 35th anniversary has celebrated, Nintendo has added Mario-themed things to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The developer announced that the new updates and content will be available on February 25th.   

Features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons + Super Mario Bros. items will feature items like the Questions Block, the Super Mushroom, and more as furniture that is inspired by the Super Mario Bros’ 35th anniversary.

Animal Crossing has consistently been a gradual process. It’s not the sort of game your marathon for quite a long time at a time. Rather, its joys uncover themselves over months, weeks, days. It’s a quirk of the premise: Animal Crossing is a laid-back life test system that happens continuously compelling you to trust that things will occur. This additionally makes it an obtained taste. 

A trailer delivered close by the news includes an amazing gander at the prospects, from classic dungeon-themed to townspeople hanging out in costume. One can download and access the update free of charge. 

You will have option to place various Warp Pipes on your island and smoothly travel between them. You have even the choice to dress up as Mario, Princess Peach, Wario, and Luigi.

From starting March 1, you’ll be able to access the new Super Mario Bros.-themed items, following the free update to the game on February 25.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons following to hold in-game events year-round to keep the game new. Earlier this year, Nintendo teased the update where it carries somewhat more color to your island and new clothing options as well as reactions, however it’s showing up somewhat sooner than expected but the change is ultimately for the best.

Players got carnival content earlier this week. The game released last March, turning into a cultural phenomenon in part due to its coincidental timing alongside pandemic lockdowns globally.

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Mario-themed items coming to Animal Crossing
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