Play Game-Boy titles with RetroN Sq console

Important highlights –

  • RetroN Sq allows you to play Game-Boy titles.
  • Its available to play the game on your TV.
  • RetroN Sq is a cube-shaped console from Hyperkin.
  • Its releasing on March 25th for $75.
  • Preorders are available to access.

If anyone says gaming consoles, Hyperkin is the name we all are well introduced about. It’s most famous for creating gaming peripherals, though, its additionally makes clones of consoles that let your play retro games in present day resolutions. At the current time, it’s going to launch an updated latest modern retro console that will let you play Game Boy games on your TV. RetroN SQ (Square) by Hyperkin is a console that will allow you to play GBC, Game Boy, and GBA cartridges.

What’s in RetroN Square?

The RetroN Sq includes a wired USB “Scout” controller and a similar shape to a SNES controller. Via HDMI with games upscaled to 720p resolution, the RetroN Sq interfaces to a TV Rather than composite video hook-ups. Additionally, a switch will let you switch the aspect ratio depending on your preference to either 4:3 or 16:9. A memory card slot is available in the rear of the console, letting you store firmware for the system.

With this console, you can natively play GBC cartridges and Game Boy, while GBA games are included in the beta feature, though there isn’t any note of which GBA games are compatible.

We expect the official product name hints that it should be a square-shaped console, however, the design looks more like a compact, colored Nintendo GameCube yet. It strictly plays Game Boy cartridges.

When will RetroN Sq release?

RetroN Sq by Hyperkin is going to launch on March 25th, which will cost you $75. Still, if you already know that you need to purchase one console soon, preorder is available for your unit, and for that, you’ll require to visit Hyperkin’s official website. the console is available in two colors, including hyper beach and black gold.

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Play Game-Boy titles with RetroN Sq console
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